Camel race Dubai

Camel race DubaiCamel racing and also Camel race Dubai is a traditional sport in Arab countries. In the UAE they are held regularly.  The camel has always been considered a reliable mode of transport among the Arab tribes. This animal is a regular participant in local wedding processions and other celebrations. However, gradually the Camel race in Dubai turned into an exciting competition, the popularity of some of them is almost on the same level as horse racing (  camel racing history in UAE ).

Camel racing in UAE

Camel racing rules

Traditions of camel racing in UAE. In the UAE, to emphasize the spectacle of sports and entertainment events, special tracks have been built everywhere, where the “ships of the desert” can show all their prowess for the amusement of spectators who sincerely empathize with their pets and carefully study history, traditions, and Camel racing rules.

Camel racing Dubai

Most often, camel racing Dubai is held in the second half of autumn and until mid-April, when there is not that sweltering heat that puts not only people but also animals into a stupor.

The most famous and popular Camel Racing Festival takes place in Dubai, the most popular international resort. It gathers spectators not only from all over the Arabian Peninsula – guests from all over the world come to enjoy an unusual spectacle.

Dubai camel racing club

How are the competitions going?

Members of the Dubai camel racing club – the noble animals of the desert – usually compete on a special track. Animals enter their most “sporting age” from the age of two – and about six more can compete. In the races, the “ships of the desert” are divided not only by gender, but also by age: “girls” compete with girls, “boys” with boys, and a camel athlete who is too young will never be put in a race with a veteran racer.

Camel races in Dubai

During this festival, hundreds of animals can show their potential. And it’s not the Arabs’ passion for such entertainment – the amount of prize money impresses not only cunning Bedouins but also many wealthy spectators.

Camel races in Dubai today. The popularity of Dubai camel racing live is growing from year to year, and interest in these events is increasing as new race breeds are introduced. Modern technology allows you to do this quickly.

The price of a high-class running animal sometimes reaches one million dollars, and sometimes more, so breeding, buying and selling “athlete animals” is a prestigious and profitable business.

Camel racing Dubai robot jockey

Often riders also take part in the competition, although the regulars of the camel “races” assure that their participation in the competitive process is symbolic. But this is a controversial statement – sometimes it is human ingenuity (or the achievements of modern technology – camel racing Dubai robot jockey) that allows animals to win the race.

Camel race Dubai

Dubai camel racing live

In short, Camel race Dubai and Dubai camel racing live  is a favorite among locals and tourists alike and is as popular as horse racing. It is no coincidence that the Arabs say that the camel is a gift from God to nomadic tribes. Well, to warm up emotionally during exciting races is a matter of honor for every self-respecting Arab.

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