Camel racing history in UAE

Camel racing history in UAEThe Amazing Camel Racing History in UAE.   Camel racing is one of the main curiosities and authentic attractions of the United Arab Emirates. Let’s find out in more detail how this unique competition was born and developed.

Camel racing in UAE

The first steps toward the establishment of camel racing traditions in Dubai.  The first camel racing took place in the Emirates in 1964. Camel racing in UAE was created at the suggestion of the king of this Arab kingdom. Moreover, the monarch decided to initiate the race of dromedaries instead of Arabian horses out of love for one-humped camels, and not at all for the sake of laughter. In this original way, the king wanted to save the dromedaries living in the desert and contributed to camel racing history in UAE.

Camel racing track

Once upon a time, camels were incredibly useful in the Bedouin household and as a means of transportation, and they were greatly appreciated by the nomads. But in the 20th century, with the construction of good roads and the ubiquity of jeeps, desert ships lost their former significance for Arabs and Bedouins. Keeping these animals has become expensive and impractical. Therefore, the nomads began to leave their camels in the desert for free range ( camel racing track ) .

Dubai camel racing live

However, by the 20th century, only artificially bred dromedaries remained in the Middle East. From generation to generation they lived next to people and completely forgot about the skills of survival in the wild – these domesticated animals were unable to exist independently in difficult natural conditions. That is why the Saudi king came up with the idea of using them for running ( Dubai camel racing live ).

Camel racing rules

Dubai Camel racing club

“Golden Age” of camel racing history in UAE. At first, there were no Camel racing rules, or sports tracks for Dubai camel racing live. The organizing committee of the races hired bulldozers, with the help of which they leveled the sand, and then the animals were launched there.

The dromedaries ran for about 5 km, and the owners followed them in jeeps. Spectators followed the Dubai camel racing club by climbing to the top of a nearby dune.

Camel Racing Dubai

Camel racing Dubai robot jockey

Modern status of Camel racing Dubai. There are currently 15 camel racing tracks in the UAE. They are fenced with railings and run along the roads where the owners follow their pets and camel-racing Dubai robot jockey in SUVs. The modern running distance is from 4 to 10 km. From 15 to 70 animals can participate in the race.

Dromedaries start their career as runners at the age of 3, and it lasts no more than 2-3 years – then the camels retire. Interestingly, females, due to their lower weight, run many times faster than males.

If racehorses run in a circle, then dromedaries rush along the track only forward – from point A to point B. This principle of competition is due to the fact that one-humped camels, when they accelerate to their maximum speed, are driven into turns.

Camel races in Dubai

Camel races in Dubai are organized from late November to April. Competitions are held weekly from Friday to Sunday. This action usually takes place from 7 to 9 in the morning. If you liked camel racing history in UAE, then why not visit this unique event this year?

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